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Welcome to my personal website

My name is Clement Machado

Full Time Husband & Dad, Part Time I.T. Project Manager...

I was born in Venezuela, raised in United States and currently living in Spain.

You can contact me


Venezuela is currently going through a humanitarian crisis!

Please help me share the latest information on what is happening there or to get involved by visiting the links below:

https://www.venezuelaaidlive.com/ - Venezuela AID LIVE - DONATIONS

AYUDA HUMANITARIA - https://voluntariosxvenezuela.com/

#YoSoyVoluntario #Venezolano #EMR #PrivateCloud #NetworkSecurity #Inventor

Here are some of my on going projects and websites:

www.MedicalComputerNetworks.com - Online & Onsite I.T. Consulting Services

Websites that automatically sync with facebook, twitter and instagram - www.Do360Now.com

www.DiscountMedicalSupplies.com - Discount Medical Supplies

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Join us and earn up to $22/hr. teaching English to students in China.


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Last but not least, Hosting! Where are all your websites, emails, pictures, etc lives...