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High School Writing

It is expected that students write well in high school.  However, we find that not all students have the skill set needed to be a great writer.  Either they lack the mechanics needed, they have not learned proper sentence structure, or their thinking process has not been refined.  MindLaunch English teachers have had extensive training and not only know what to expect from a high school student, they know how to get the student to up their level of writing. 

There are different types of writing that students need to know.  While schools prepare students for persuasive, analytical, narrative, expository and descriptive, many do not prepare students for the differences in essays needed in high school: classroom tests, term papers, APs, SATs, and college applications.  These essays all require a different mind-set and a different method of writing. 

Middle School Writing

Learning to write a five point essay can be a new experience for the middle school student.  It is assumed that they know how to write, but do they all?  Does your student angst at writing papers or essays?  Does he write the bare minimum?  Does she lack direction?  Mind Launch teachers know how to encourage students to write in an age appropriate manner.  These highly trained and experienced teachers have middle school students every day in their classrooms who need the extra boost that individual help can provide.

1. Writing Mechanics

Students need a strong foundation in writing when they get to high school.  Grammar, sentence style and structure, and paragraph construction are all different components of writing.

  • GrammarMindLaunch teaches grammar from a prescriptive method.  Students learn only what they need and don’t already know.  Then they apply the knowledge to sentences.
  • Sentence StructureStudents learn the importance of varied sentence structure and varied sentence length.  The techniques used are able to have students apply what they learn to their own work.
  • Paragraph ConstructionAll students need to learn how to form a good paragraph.  MindLaunch works with students by beginning with the 5 point essay.

2. College Application Essays

This is an entity unto itself.  Colleges are not looking for a rehash of a resume; they want to see into the student’s soul.  MindLaunch has created a unique way of approaching this essay, enabling students to write it well and without a great deal of stress.

3. Standardized Tests

The SAT and the ACT both have essay sections on the test.  This essay is written in a different format from a classroom essay, a college application essay or an AP essay.  MindLaunch has created a formula that allows students to succeed on writing the essays for these tests.

4. AP Writing

Students practice this all year in their AP classes.  There is a certain way that AP essays need to be written.  Students can never have too much practice for these tests that could allow them to place out of classes in college.


These tests are used for various purposes.  They all include writing, as do admissions offices in private and parochial high schools. MindLaunch teachers work with students to help them put their best writing forward.


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