Why I Started MindLaunch

Elaine Sigal teaching

By Elaine Sigal, Founder and Chief Education Officer of MindLaunch

MindLaunch is the realization of my long held belief that education is best delivered by educators.  I believe that having a license to teach means that a person has been provided with the tools needed to be effective; however, I don’t believe that every one with a license is a great teacher.  At MindLaunch, we have a very stringent vetting policy that takes a great deal of time to complete.  I want to ensure that if you or your child come to MindLaunch for supplemental education that the teacher on the other end of the computer to whom you have been assigned would be good enough for either one of my children or for me.  I don’t settle for second best. The US requires that all teachers in public schools be licensed by a state.  Colleges and universities have very strict requirements on who can teach in their institutions.  Why should supplemental education be any different?

I read about all the credentialed and licensed US educators who received pink slips over the past few years.  Yet, many online education companies are outsourcing their education jobs to “teachers” overseas or to “anyone who wants to teach.”  I wanted a company that would be able to utilize trained, experienced, vetted and qualified US licensed educators.  I wanted a premium, quality company where my clients would recognize the need for hiring the best.  MindLaunch is the best!

Advances in technology now make it possible to create a high quality learning experience by tapping into the best educators, no matter where they live or what time zone they prefer. In fact, my goal for MindLaunch is to provide a superior learning experience by leveraging technology to bring people closer together.

The supplemental education market today is fractured.  Students need to go to many different sources for help, fun activities, supplemental work; students of different ages can’t one stop shop. MindLaunch solves this problem for students of all ages.  Education is ubiquitous, so let’s treat it that way.


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