While everyone slows down for the holidays, YOU can get ahead.

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We get it.  The holidays are more than a break from school and work; they’re an escape from our daily routines and obligations.  It’s that time of year when we can sleep in and wear pajamas all day so that we don’t have to loosen our belts to enjoy Mom’s cooking.

But catching up on sleep is not the season’s only blessing.  As the world unplugs, we suddenly have free time to get stuff done!  So don’t waste this opportunity to get ahead in your schoolwork/career.

Prepare for 2014 with MindLaunch over the holidays.  Our live, virtual classroom brings experienced, U.S. licensed teachers to you, wherever you are.  Whether it’s getting ahead in school or honing professional skills, our teachers will help you hit the ground running in the new year.

So go ahead.  Put on some flannels, grab a glass of hot apple cider, and cozy up on Mom’s couch with your laptop.  Use MindLaunch this holiday season to create a new year you won’t have to escape.


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