What to do when taking children on vacation during school

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By Elaine Sigal

What do I do if I need/want to travel with my children while school is still in session?

As a licensed, experienced US teacher for 30+ years, and as a mom of three sons, I have had to deal with this question from different perspectives. I now own an online tutoring company that can help solve some of the dilemmas caused by travel.

First, my comments as a teacher:  It is extremely frustrating around any holiday to lose part of your class for trips.  As a teacher, these absences cost me time (in the classroom catching students up and my own, recreating lessons to be accommodating and assigning work to take along. It is a royal pain.

Secondly, as a parent:  I wanted to enjoy my children and expose them to different cultures, countries, and sports,as well as allow them time to visit family that was far flung.  I resented anyone telling me that I could not take my children out of school when I deemed it fit.  Let’s face it, travel gets expensive around any holiday, and being able to start a trip a couple of days earlier or end it a bit later, could save thousands of dollars.  I never minded my children having work to do while we were away: reasonable work to do, and not punishment work!  I did believe that it was my responsibility to 1) tell the teacher way in advance of our missing school, 2) make sure that the work was done, and 3) be appreciative!

MindLaunch tutors students in all subjects where and when they want to be tutored.  So, parents can go on vacation and “take” their tutor with them.  It is a wonderful compromise for parents who need to take their children out of class to travel!


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