Through and Beyond the SAT

By Kaitlyn Rhodes

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Pressure continues to rise for high school kids trying to get into college. The economy prefers undergraduate degrees as a minimum these days. Universities are looking for masters of all trades with high SAT/ACT and AP scores.

I was an ‘A’ student, but didn’t take AP classes. I was involved in extracurricular activities, but I was neither captain of a team nor recipient of a medal. I had high aspirations for getting into a top tier university, but my practice SAT scores were not promising.

The SAT assesses your test-taking skills more than anything else. My critical thinking and writing were good, but my reading and writing were slow. In the practice SAT timed writing sections, I raced against the clock to complete a first draft, which would read like a fifth grader’s writing. I second-guessed myself in the grammar sections and kept falling for trick answers in the reading comprehension sections.

Then my mom hired a tutor. That tutor designed a test prep strategy based on my strengths and weaknesses. My vocabulary was shameful, so she taught me how to break down words I didn’t know in order to estimate their meaning. She taught me strategies to speed up my reading so that I’d have more time to answer questions. She taught me grammar rules in a way my school teachers never had, and I haven’t forgotten them since.

Before I received tutoring, I was scoring around 1900/2400 in my practice tests. After I received tutoring, I scored over 2100 on my SAT. I only really committed to my test prep within months of taking the test. Had I put in that much effort for a year, I could have scored even higher.

Nonetheless, the effects of my SAT tutoring have continued to benefit me well after taking the test. I have since graduated with high honors from a top tier university and have begun on the career path of my dreams. To this day, the skills my tutor helped me developed continue to make me stand out among my peers and competition. In job interviews, I am told that strong grammar and writing skills are discouragingly hard to find and that they enable me to compete with older and more experienced candidates.

While stressful and overwhelming, the SAT is only a slice of life’s pie. An SAT tutor, on the other hand, gives you the ingredients to make the rest.

For more information or to hire an SAT/ACT tutor like mine, go to


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