Student Athletes

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Student Athletes

Being a student-athlete is one of the most challenging things you can be as a young person. There are increased time demands on their already full schedule of school, homework, family, and friends including practice, games and travel.

Time Management Challenges – Most student-athletes and their parents discover they need to become time management gurus, so that the student can do well academically, make time for their sport, and maintain a happy a home.  Classroom teachers can help manage students’ time, but at times they simply see it as a choice the student made. So if students miss class or fall behind because of sports, students are often told that they should dial down their sports commitment.  The reality is that millions of student-athletes would rather have a bad grade then disappoint their teammates and coaches.

Anywhere, Anytime Interactive Tutoring – A solution to this problem is tutoring, but as most parents know, it often makes it impossible to find a convenient time for in-person tutoring sessions for most athletes as practices and games interfere. This problem is even worse when it comes to SAT and ACT preparation courses which are much less flexibly scheduled than a private tutor would be, causing student-athletes once again to choose between their passion and their education.

This is where MindLaunch can help by offering tremendous schedule flexibility.   Many of our teachers are happy to log into the virtual classroom from the comfort of their own homes to support a student at a time that is most convenient for the student.

Elite Competitors – There are some students who have attained a high level of proficiency in a sport and are not in traditional school at all.  They attend sports academies or work on their own by taking online courses and find other ways to get graduation credits.  MindLaunch can support this type of athlete as our teachers can virtually “go with them” when they travel.


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