Standardized Test Prep

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Our teachers are experienced with:

  • PSAT
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • SAT Subject Tests
  • TerraNova, ITBS,
  • AP Tests
  • GRE
  • GMAT


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Standardized Test Prep

At MindLaunch, we take a different approach to Standardized Test Preparation.  Rather than running large group classes taught by a single tutor, we work with students to put together a custom plan based on the strengths of each student.  We then match the student with real teachers who can teach the test taking strategies and can also help students fill in gaps in their skills and knowledge. We understand exactly why students are missing questions on practice tests and then we work with them to understand how to get them right.

Five Ways MindLaunch Helps Students Raise their Test Scores

1. Our teachers are specialists in each subject area.
Most group test classes are taught by a single tutor who has no prior teaching experience.  At MindLaunch, we match students with teachers who are specialists in both the subject area being tested and test taking strategies. We don’t believe that a math teacher should be teaching writing and reading or vice-versa; MindLaunch teachers only work in their areas of expertise.

What can our real teachers do?

✓ We work on strategies in order to fill in the student’s educational gaps and teach them to become more efficient and effective readers.
✓ We teach students how to take words apart to understand the meaning.
✓ For tests with writing exercises, we understand exactly what is expected, and we are able to help students dramatically improve in this area once they understand how the submissions are scored.
✓ We have teachers trained to work with students of all educational abilities.
✓ We are trained to work with students with IEP’s and 504’s.

2.  We customize the program to the student.
Many other programs follow a cookie-cutter curriculum.  We believe that students should spend sessions working only on the subjects they need. Our teachers are able to respond to each student’s particular needs and tailor instruction to the student’s individual learning style.

✓ We can advise what tests the student should take, such as the SAT versus the ACT.
✓ We tailor the number of suggested sessions based on the student’s needs and goals.
✓ We help students determine what type of learner they are and then advise them with study techniques.

3.  We use the real test materials.
We use practice tests from the organizations that create and administer the official tests.

4.  Our online format offers schedule flexibility.
Both our one-to-one and small group classes mean we can provide the scheduling flexibility that the modern student needs.

5. We provide end-to-end support.

✓ We analyze test results with the students and parents, and discuss next steps.
✓ We send all our students a psychological “magic bracelet” before the test to ease anxiety.
✓ We share test taking tips, including a nutritionist’s recommendations on what type of breakfast to eat so that scores do not dip towards the end of the test.


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