Read, read read…today, tomorrow and always by: Elaine Sigal


It almost doesn’t matter what we read as long as we are reading to ourselves and to our children. Reading is the main crux of all education and learning. Without superior reading skills all other subjects will be harder; all other subjects will take more time to learn; all other subjects might not interest us. We read to our children when they are little; why stop?

One of my favorite days when teaching school was reading a Shakespeare play in prose to my AP students. They put their heads down on their desks and just listened. When we understood the format of the play and understood what the morals, themes and characters were in the play, we were then able to read/act the play from a stronger stance. Why do we stop reading to our children? Why do we not encourage our children to read more? Why do we not insist that our children read for equal hours that they play video games?

Please don’t let your children spend a summer without books as their companions. Vegetation belongs in the ground, not in your children’s heads.


  • Read to your children every day – I don’t care how old they are.
  • Require that they read at least an hour a day – it doesn’t need to be all at one time.
  • Help your children select books that are age appropriate and enjoyable to your child!
  • Use the library as a family.
  • Have family reading time as a set time each day/night.
  • Make it cool – dress up as characters, eat food of the time period, talk in accents.
  • Enjoy it with them! You get to be a kid again.

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