Online Learning vs Online Tutoring


Would you compare an apple and an orange? Would you compare McDonalds to a 5 Star restaurant? I never understand why people so easily put different species of items into one large category. E-learning, internet learning, taped sessions, chat tutoring, and MindLaunch educators are all so different it is almost absurd to discuss them in one blog, but I will.

E-learning is the use of pre-taped sessions. You can pay for a class at a leading university, but you will watch a lecture. You cannot ask questions; you cannot participate.

Internet learning is when you learn over the net, but there are so many variables. Do you see and hear the instructor? Are you able to upload documents and edit them? Are you able to have immediate, synchronous interactions with the educator? Only MindLaunch employs the best means of communicating information.

The newest research is showing that internet learning may not be as successful as it first was assumed. Students need to be engaged to stay on line. Students need to be accountable for their work. Students cannot be allowed to turn on the computer and have the computer clock time while the student is in front of a TV. Interaction with an educator and interaction with other students is important in learning. In online tutoring, the student cannot walk away and hide, he/she cannot just sit there, he/she cannot get away with not being involved. All the research has shown that it is the teacher in the classroom that is the determining factor in educational success or failure. Online tutoring with a company that puts a high premium on US licensed, credentialed, experienced educators will succeed. Hands down, the best teachers equal the best education.

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