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Q: Why not use another company?
A: Ask yourself: Do I want “just anyone” teaching?
MindLaunch assigns real teachers with real U.S. teaching credentials and real U.S. classroom experience. Other companies say that “anyone can tutor!” MindLaunch’s requirements, ranging from educational degrees to certifications and background checks, far exceed other companies’ standards.

Q: Other tutoring companies have “certified” educators. How is MindLaunch different?
A: Other companies “certify” their tutors based on the company’s own standards. Some require a few college courses, some require the tutor to pass an online quiz, and some only require the tutor to sign up and fill out paperwork. We require the teacher to be U.S. State credentialed and licensed to teach in a real school system and to have at least three years classroom experience teaching his/her subject.

Q: What does “U.S. state licensed/credentialed teacher with classroom experience” mean? Why is that important?
A: It means that the educator has completed all of the degrees, test, and paperwork required to teach in a public school classroom. The licensed educator understands the curriculum, understands the exams, and understands the state standards for the subject. They have also taught the subject for at least three years. This means that the educator understands how to teach effectively, re-teach the subject and can alter the lesson for different learners’ needs.

Q: What are the age ranges of MindLaunch’s students?
A: We teach ages 5 years and up, including college and adult education courses. If you do not see the class you want listed for your age group, email us and we will add it for you.

Q: What equipment and software do I need to buy?
A: You do not need to purchase any software. You will need a webcam, a headset with built-in mic (a boom mic is preferable but not required), and high speed internet access in order to maintain audio/visual contact.

Q: I have or my student has a learning difference/IEP/504. Can MindLaunch accommodate this?
A: Yes! MindLaunch employs trained Reading Specialists, Special Education teachers, LDTCs (Learning Disability Teacher/Consultants) and teachers experienced in modifying lessons to accommodate learning differences.

Q: I am working out of a specific textbook. Do I have to buy the tutor a copy or do I have to switch textbooks?
A: No, the teacher can accommodate any textbook the student is using.

Q: What is the financial commitment? Weekly, monthly, semester?
A: The only commitment is to one session. Parents prepay for anywhere from 1 – 40 sessions.

Q: Is there a free trial?
A: Yes, there is a free technology trial session.

Q: If we make a commitment and she doesn’t like it are we still committed to the entire term?
A: Since you are not prepaying for an entire term, there is little to lose.

Q: What if we don’t like the teacher? Can we switch?
A: Absolutely.

Q: If we miss a class are we charged? Can we make it up later in the week or within a specific time frame?
A: We have a 24 hour cancellation policy, but you can reschedule any session if it is before the 24 hours.

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