Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Do you require more skills to advance your career? MindLaunch offers a wide array of personal and professional development courses. We work with your company’s HR department to customize a rich offering of educational programs that can be presented to you as an added benefit.

Corporate emphasis on training programs: Many companies are already operating with lean staff, due to attrition and not replacing staff, and also downsizing during the last few years as a result of a difficult economy. In this environment, focusing on retaining workers and cross training them to be more efficient makes sense. It’s a culture of doing more with less. Many corporations are realizing that the investment in corporate training pays off and delivers a better ROI than constantly recruiting and hiring new staff due to high turnover rates.

Better corporate training techniques: Due to operational and economic challenges, corporate training techniques have come a long way. There are new standards and best practices for corporate training that result in more effective and efficient training programs. Some of these include positive reinforcement and better use of technology to reinforce training initiatives. In addition, recognition of learning styles coupled with individualized and personalized digital training have made learning easier and more effective for organizations.

Focus on extrinsic and intrinsic incentives: Utilizing psychology and understanding motivation has propelled corporate training to a more scientific approach. The goal is to work with the student, and create opportunities to work with the individuals personal goals. It’s a more bottom up and consumer focused approach than top down, and with today’s gen Y and gen C, its a more efficient way to communicate the goals for training.

More eLearning and use of technology: The new generations of employees are very comfortable with eLearning and mastering concepts with self-paced study. Mindlaunch provides the human interaction and personal motivation that enhance the learning experience.

✓ English
✓ Spanish
✓ French
✓ German
✓ Mandarin
✓ Cantonese
✓ Portuguese
✓ Japanese
✓ Hebrew
✓ Arabic

Business Skills:
✓ Accent Reduction
✓ Reading
✓ Writing
✓ Business Writing
✓ Grammar
✓ Public Speaking
✓ Time Management
✓ Organizational Skills

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