Bizarre Education Story of the Week – by Elaine Sigal


Where would you rather have your children spend time?  Do they come to your house or do they always stay at their friends’ homes?  I always wanted my kids in my home – I could better control what they did.  This started in preschool and continued through high school. My husband and I hosted almost every cast party that our town’s schools had for almost 16 years.  Was it hard?  Yes and no.  Would I do it all over again?  Yes!

High school parties were the hardest.  My husband and I were present and apparently annoying by being present.  So what stopped the kids from not finding another “cooler” house?  RULES!  We had very strict rules.

1 – Once you arrived at the party, you stayed until you left.  You could not leave and come back.

2- If you had driven yourself to the party, you relinquished your keys until you said thank you and left.

3- Your bags were inspected.  Your “water” was opened and tasted.  Your clothes needed to be appropriate.

4- You didn’t have to impress anyone.  You had to be “good” or you were asked to leave.

Amazing, isn’t it, that all the kids – once they were grown – all said that we hosted the best parties!


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