Academic Advising

Academic Advising

MindLaunch has a philosophy about students’ paths through school that goes beyond just getting good grades.  We speak with parents about the students’ needs and then help parents guide their students through school.  We help parents understand the courses students should take, the ramifications of certain decisions, and offer advice for them.

We provide:

✓ A road map of students middle school and high school courses
✓ Extracurricular activities, jobs, sports
✓ Grades
✓ Study skills/time management
✓ Parental support: ideas to make it less painful
✓ Transitions: responsibility, homework, studying, involvement
✓ Support for students: academic tutoring, test preparation
✓ Recommendations: courses, supplemental help, advanced work
✓ What school: private, parochial, public, on-line
✓ Support for parents: Help!

Our Advisors:

MindLaunch’s Academic Advisors are licensed U.S. guidance counselors who have years of experience answering parents’ and students’ questions.  They have heard it all and can help you though the sticky process of helping children succeed in school.

College Advising

Applying to college is an overwhelming, challenging, and stressful time.  At this point in their lives, teens are starting to pull away from their parents, and yet they almost need more help than ever.  MindLaunch has a cadre of experts who have fashioned a program that is as helpful for parents as it is for students.  The mechanics of applying to college consist of constructing a test prep plan, understanding the applications, and generating a useful list of schools. Our guidance continues with offering strategies for this process and creating the “shining star” that all students should be.

Teenagers need their parents to be parents and help them to mature into responsible adults.  MindLaunch provides the alter-ego to the parent:  let us do the nagging and be the product managers for this process.  We know how to help your teenager write a stellar application essay; we know when to encourage and how to get the most from them; we know when to be positive and when to be realistic.  We at MindLaunch understand this age because we work with teenagers day in and day out.   We suggest that parents contact us as early as 7th grade, although students start working with us at every grade and stage of the process. 

Our college advising team includes:

✓ Licensed guidance counselors – guide through the overall process, college roadmap, application process
✓ English teachers – college application essay help
✓ Math, reading, writing and science teachers – standardized test prep

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