The MindLaunch Story

Elaine Sigal

Founder and Chief Educator

Elaine is a passionate advocate for education with more than 30 years of experience as a classroom teacher and a pioneer of online learning. Licensed in K-12 in English, speech and theater in two states, Elaine founded and ran a classroom-based educational company from 1995–2009, and has 35 years of experience matching learners to the appropriate educators.

The MindLaunch Story

MindLaunch is the realization of my long held belief that education is best delivered by educators who are able to offer a personalized approach to learning.

Experienced, licensed U.S teachers have the training and practice to understand the student’s learning style and can instantly alter a lesson plan to ensure the student’s success. Since we customize the lesson to the student’s needs, we can focus on what matters the most. Teachers can present material in a fun, exciting, and engaging manner.

Chronic shortages in school funding create gaps in students’ education. Larger class sizes limit the opportunities for customized lessons that meet the needs of each student. Teaching to the test alters the curriculum and limits enrichment.

Advances in technology now make it possible to provide a high quality learning experience by tapping into the best educators, no matter where they live. MindLaunch’s solution allows students the opportunity for personalized study with an amazing U.S. licensed and experienced teacher who works only in his or her area of expertise. Best of all, the student can work from the safety and comfort of their own home.

Using state-of-the-art technology, teachers and students can hear, see, and communicate with each other. Teachers can tell if a student “gets it” or not; they can tell if a student is paying attention; they can tell when to review a topic longer or continue on with a different topic. Teachers can provide one-to-one, personalized instruction that transcends geographic constraints!

My goal for MindLaunch is to give students access to support and instruction that is customized just for them. We hope to inspire a love for learning and help students gain the confidence needed to master any academic challenge, from learning how to graph a hyperbola to writing an essay that makes a college admissions officer feel the essence of their soul. Ultimately, I want education to steer students towards a better future just as it did for my own children.

Elaine Sigal

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