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MindLaunch understands the unique needs and developmental stages of primary school students. From learning core subjects such as reading, writing, math, science and history to academic advising and enrichment programs, MindLaunch teachers are experts at helping students learn to study, appreciate education, and respect learning during these formative years.

High School

MindLaunch online teachers know how to help students succeed through all the academic and social demands of high school, and to become better prepared for the challenges of college entrance and advanced learning. Whether students are supplementing their traditional classroom learning or taking advanced-level AP courses, MindLaunch teachers create an engaging environment designed with individualized learning paths and targeted instruction.

College & Adults

MindLaunch is your educational partner for life! Whether you are in college and need a little help to fill in any learning gaps or you want to prepare for grad school, or if you are an adult who wants to learn new skills, we offer quality online tutors who work with your schedule. From time management and test prep to languages and professional skills, MindLaunch has you covered.


MindLaunch can help you advance in your career through our wide array of personal and professional development courses. Want to refine your communication skills, write better, improve organizational skills, or prepare for an advanced degree? We partner with company HR departments to offer you specially-designed learning packages to add to your benefits portfolio.